Organic skincare- let’s start from what we put on…

At least 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed and enters the three layers of skin. Pros? You skin will feel moisturised as if the active ingredients are working-we all want that. Why not?

Cons: those active ingredients could be harmful and can clog up your pores, trapping dirt, and that intake of of harmful ingredients can cause damage to the skin.

Think of it this way, you are what you eat. We have food for the body, we also need food for our skin-skin food. Being the major organ in the body, we need to nourish our skin to nourish our body.

As an organic chemist, I make my own products, that have fewer ingredients, that are necessary, meaning our body can handle this intake.

Remember less is more…

I’ve created a brand coming online soon– the sense of innocence and it was my love for organic products as an organic chemist that wanted to share this with you. There are so many complications in skincare life and I want to bring out what you really need. As a young child, I had nurtured my hair and skin, using various types of oils. After years of suffering from eczema, which can be a frustrating lifestyle for those suffering, I had started to use coconut oil, as one of the first oils used as a face moisturiser, hair oil and a body lotion. This had cleared up my eczema and irritated skin.

Since then I have been formulating various products to soothe different skin conditions. These are highly moisturising and use only the best and necessary ingredients that are to be shared with you soon on here and via my online website.

It is this change, that will allow your skin to feel healthier. 

I will be posting my recipes and new soap products to share with you, how easy this can be rather than how difficult chemists make it out to be.

Click the link below to view my upcoming online store on my own range to help you.




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