This #Fitnotthin hashtag was inspired by healthy magazine, and I thought this is interesting. There are a lot of pressure these days in trying to look thin, under eating and becoming anorexic. At the same token, people are eating more to become ‘bigger’ and we call this bigorexia.

We are in a world where anything we choose to do, we are labelled no matter what it is.  Yet being ‘fit not thin’ was really only tailored to some not all.

I believe we should all aim to enjoy what we do what we eat and appreciate how we are labelled as long as we are not affecting our health in the longterm as well as short term.

I love eating the right stuff, knowing that I am giving my body the love and care it needs, the fuel it needs, and the attention it needs, as let’s face it, we are what we eat. Here’s my healthy regime for yesterday; it’s what I like and what I want to do. Dare to find yours? Instead of pushing yourself to eat and do things you don’t like, find a balance between things you do.

So it was a Good Friday meaning I had the day off:  I woke up and made coconut porridge.

  1. Take 50g of oats,  and place in a bowl
  2. Add two to three spoons of chia seeds, four table spoons of coconut milk, one teaspoon of almond butter and 100ml of boiling water.
  3. Mix these together and place some nuts or fruit on top. I placed bananas on top.

I then had a full glass of water as I believe in topping up my body with water early in the morning for recharge.

Snack: I had a pink lady apple

Lunch: I made quinoa with sweet potatoes, asparagus, fennel, tomatoes and chickpeas. This gave me a whole load of protein and the asparagus and fennel are excellent for your gut to aid digestion.

Snack: I made strawberry mousse out of avocado, strawberries, and coconut milk. This is taken directly from ‘deliciously Ella’s’ book. That book has been my bible.

I then did some yoga to stretch and soothe my muscles, this helps me to relax and burn off calories. I don’t do vigorous exercise as it is not too my liking. Plus I cycle and walk so I do not involve hard core exercise to get abs in to my regime, however if you love it do it! Remember you are finding your own regime of what you love and want without pressure.

Dinner: As I had a heavy lunch, I made myself a huge bowl of salad, with steamed carrots, radishes,  cucumbers, spinach, feta cheese. It was my snack as lunch kept me full.

I don’t really do juice cleanses as the more juices you drink the higher intake of sugar and storage of fat without eating making you more fatigue and does not do you any good long term. Try and take it easy. Make yourself a smoothie for breakfast once in awhile rather than it being the only thing you ever eat/drink.

I then take a walk outside, regardless of it raining or not as I feel fresh air is vitally important as well as eating right.

Find yours everyone, if you do not like drinking spinach, kale etc then eat it instead of drinking it. If you hate hard core exercise, do some gentle exercise instead: walking,yoga, pilates dance, cycling or swimming or fun ways too. Do what you want to do without the pressure and vice versa!

You are trying to be fit and healthy: not thin. 😊 

Have a fab Easter weekend everyone. 😘



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