Happy International Happiness day! 😊

So today is the day, the day of us celebrating our happiness or thinking about ways we can be happy. It is very easy to get sucked into social media, envy those with supposedly ‘better’ lives than you, but by you doing that, how does it make you happy?

Life is busy and hectic and sometimes we take things for granted, and wait for a deadline to be met,  a birthday meal get together, a dinner with friends and family, etc to be happy, and relax. But we shouldn’t be waiting for that day to come and be happy temporarily, for that one day/evening, it should be continuous.

I have been certainly guilty of all the above, and I have found my balance hence I feel content, love my friends and work hard as I can with my job. My keys to happiness are the following, do not limit to just these, there are many keys and you need to find them yourself too, whichever works for you:

  1. Meet/talk to people who give you positive energy, keep in touch with those friends who make it worthwhile. When meeting them, dont tie yourself down to talking about work or gossiping about people-this isnt friendship, but time pass and insecurities.
  2. Take a walk outside if travelling by car everyday; a short ten minute walk outside,especially during the summer is a good way to soak in the vitamin D, and raise your positive hormones.
  3. Find an interest: I am a bookworm,  I ❣ reading, that at night is my time to zone out, away from stress, and enter a whole new world. (Right now I am reading the little coffe shop of Kabul-inspiring to find out about different cultures and the authors experience(true story)).
  4. Eat clean. Eating too much food with an unhealthy fat content and sugar carbohydrates makes you feel more lethargic, out of energy and can lead to depression studies have shown.
  5. Have a great morning: feel positive about the day and feel excited so that your mood enthuses the rest of the day and people around you.
  6. Write down three to four things that you are grateful for: for me its, loving and caring friends and family, I am able to walk, talk and eat now (was unable to before, treated for my illness with easy access to food and water (unlike the state of some developing countries), my lovely job and even for being able to eat my srumpyious porridge oats for breakfast.

As it is international happiness day, I wish you all find your little pockets of happiness somewhere. It is you who can make yourself happy 😊

Have a lovely day everyone! Read my blog on mindfulness for a relaxing day.


4 thoughts on “Happy International Happiness day! 😊

  1. Soph says:

    Great quote and fabulous post. I definitely agree about starting your day off right and eating well- they have huge impacts. I find positive people are so great to be around: we can’t always be happy but being around permanently negative individuals is a real drainer, so I avoid that at all costs. I also find happiness in being grateful, whether that is for a meal or a roof over my head. Sometimes we are so focussed on the next chapter of our life that we miss what’s happening today. Thanks for this 🙂


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