Mindfulness… 😊

I lead a very busy life, I teach, write and then do yoga in the late evening. I need a lot of energy and sleep so that I can carry out my daily activities. 

This is why I ensure I eat properly. Due to my asthma I get tired very easily and start to feel worn down hence I tale of my diet (now a plantbased diet). I eat lots of greens, plenty of coconut and almond milk ( I make my own fresh or buy alpro milk which is absolutely delicious). 

But sometimes my body feels it needs to stretch and unwind and my brain tells me to shut down and rewind and relax. 

I recently downloaded the app recommended by the #healthymagazine  called sworkit lite. This is an amazingggg app where you can do yoga, cardio, stretches and strength training (you can also mix and match and set a timer)and all you do is follow the exercises. I like to do yoga at home because I have my self to concentrate on and peace. 

I like yoga because it stretches all your muscles and by breathing in and out it stimulates your blood flow around the body ensuring oxygen reaches your brain. This gives your brain signals to relax and unwind and makes you feel amazing! 

I do this every evening, before I go to bed to allow me to relax and have a good nights sleep. 

Eating a plant based diet and doing yoga every evening has been a shocking recovery mechanism for my illness and put me into shape 

 and I hope everyone who is going through such a similar goal to try yoga out! It is simply relaxing. Also take a read of JK Rowling’s short speech on ‘Very good lives’ it is a good positive read ❣

Come back soon to read all about my overnight porridge oats πŸ™‚ 

Have a lovely evening 😊

#Healthy #mindfulness #yoga #fitness


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness… 😊

  1. lexilife says:

    I’ve recently got into yoga/meditation kinda thing to ease my anxiety. It’s got pretty bad this time of year with my last few days of university coming up. I’ve found it helps but only really know one routine, so thank you for the mention of the app – I think I’ll give it a go x



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