My breakfast morning


My breakfast ❣

I have severe asthma and my airways used to feel extremely itchy and inflamed. I recently changed my diet completely to a plant based diet. Without meat, I feel extremely low on energy and suffering from tiredness and fatigue.

But with time I have learnt what to include in my diet to ensure I have restored my body with sufficient nutrients.

Today for an example, I had homemade granola (lowers cholesterol and high in fibre) with alpro coconut milk (rich in calcium and B vitamins and low in fat). i sprinkled in some chia seeds all over (high in fibre, high in omega 3 and protein-these little things are packed full of goodness). I then placed a spoonful of almond butter (you can make your own or use the holland and barratt meridan smooth almond butter-this is high in protein and packed full of energy and flavour-nothing but pure nuts-no palm oil, sugar or salt-nothing but goodness).

Alongside I had a glass of water. My breakfast meal recharged me for this busy afternoon and feels positive to eat something clean that will not affect my inflammation issues.

I hope you all have a lovely positive day 🙂

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