My breakfast morning

I have severe asthma and my airways used to feel extremely itchy and inflamed. I recently changed my diet completely to a plant based diet. Without meat, I feel extremely low on energy and sufferin…

Source: My breakfast morning


2 thoughts on “My breakfast morning

  1. cleaneatingpureliving says:

    I’m enjoying reading your posts. I’ve had several health problems myself in the last few years, and realized when I ate healthy I felt better. My doctor thought it was crazy, but she started researching what sugars do to your body also. It’s amazing to see what we eat affects so much of our wellbeing. Have a blessed day!


    • mywellbeing2016 says:

      Awe thanks 😊 I am glad you felt better after eating better, it makes such a huge difference that sometimes it can be ignored! We actually are what we eat. Hope you are overcoming your health issues 🙂 Have a wonderful day xx


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