Organic skincare- let’s start from what we put on…

At least 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed and enters the three layers of skin. Pros? You skin will feel moisturised as if the active ingredients are working-we all want that. Why not?

Cons: those active ingredients could be harmful and can clog up your pores, trapping dirt, and that intake of of harmful ingredients can cause damage to the skin.

Think of it this way, you are what you eat. We have food for the body, we also need food for our skin-skin food. Being the major organ in the body, we need to nourish our skin to nourish our body.

As an organic chemist, I make my own products, that have fewer ingredients, that are necessary, meaning our body can handle this intake.

Remember less is more…

I’ve created a brand coming online soon– the sense of innocence and it was my love for organic products as an organic chemist that wanted to share this with you. There are so many complications in skincare life and I want to bring out what you really need. As a young child, I had nurtured my hair and skin, using various types of oils. After years of suffering from eczema, which can be a frustrating lifestyle for those suffering, I had started to use coconut oil, as one of the first oils used as a face moisturiser, hair oil and a body lotion. This had cleared up my eczema and irritated skin.

Since then I have been formulating various products to soothe different skin conditions. These are highly moisturising and use only the best and necessary ingredients that are to be shared with you soon on here and via my online website.

It is this change, that will allow your skin to feel healthier. 

I will be posting my recipes and new soap products to share with you, how easy this can be rather than how difficult chemists make it out to be.

Click the link below to view my upcoming online store on my own range to help you.






This #Fitnotthin hashtag was inspired by healthy magazine, and I thought this is interesting. There are a lot of pressure these days in trying to look thin, under eating and becoming anorexic. At the same token, people are eating more to become ‘bigger’ and we call this bigorexia.

We are in a world where anything we choose to do, we are labelled no matter what it is.  Yet being ‘fit not thin’ was really only tailored to some not all.

I believe we should all aim to enjoy what we do what we eat and appreciate how we are labelled as long as we are not affecting our health in the longterm as well as short term.

I love eating the right stuff, knowing that I am giving my body the love and care it needs, the fuel it needs, and the attention it needs, as let’s face it, we are what we eat. Here’s my healthy regime for yesterday; it’s what I like and what I want to do. Dare to find yours? Instead of pushing yourself to eat and do things you don’t like, find a balance between things you do.

So it was a Good Friday meaning I had the day off:  I woke up and made coconut porridge.

  1. Take 50g of oats,  and place in a bowl
  2. Add two to three spoons of chia seeds, four table spoons of coconut milk, one teaspoon of almond butter and 100ml of boiling water.
  3. Mix these together and place some nuts or fruit on top. I placed bananas on top.

I then had a full glass of water as I believe in topping up my body with water early in the morning for recharge.

Snack: I had a pink lady apple

Lunch: I made quinoa with sweet potatoes, asparagus, fennel, tomatoes and chickpeas. This gave me a whole load of protein and the asparagus and fennel are excellent for your gut to aid digestion.

Snack: I made strawberry mousse out of avocado, strawberries, and coconut milk. This is taken directly from ‘deliciously Ella’s’ book. That book has been my bible.

I then did some yoga to stretch and soothe my muscles, this helps me to relax and burn off calories. I don’t do vigorous exercise as it is not too my liking. Plus I cycle and walk so I do not involve hard core exercise to get abs in to my regime, however if you love it do it! Remember you are finding your own regime of what you love and want without pressure.

Dinner: As I had a heavy lunch, I made myself a huge bowl of salad, with steamed carrots, radishes,  cucumbers, spinach, feta cheese. It was my snack as lunch kept me full.

I don’t really do juice cleanses as the more juices you drink the higher intake of sugar and storage of fat without eating making you more fatigue and does not do you any good long term. Try and take it easy. Make yourself a smoothie for breakfast once in awhile rather than it being the only thing you ever eat/drink.

I then take a walk outside, regardless of it raining or not as I feel fresh air is vitally important as well as eating right.

Find yours everyone, if you do not like drinking spinach, kale etc then eat it instead of drinking it. If you hate hard core exercise, do some gentle exercise instead: walking,yoga, pilates dance, cycling or swimming or fun ways too. Do what you want to do without the pressure and vice versa!

You are trying to be fit and healthy: not thin. 😊 

Have a fab Easter weekend everyone. 😘


Happy International Happiness day! 😊

So today is the day, the day of us celebrating our happiness or thinking about ways we can be happy. It is very easy to get sucked into social media, envy those with supposedly ‘better’ lives than you, but by you doing that, how does it make you happy?

Life is busy and hectic and sometimes we take things for granted, and wait for a deadline to be met,  a birthday meal get together, a dinner with friends and family, etc to be happy, and relax. But we shouldn’t be waiting for that day to come and be happy temporarily, for that one day/evening, it should be continuous.

I have been certainly guilty of all the above, and I have found my balance hence I feel content, love my friends and work hard as I can with my job. My keys to happiness are the following, do not limit to just these, there are many keys and you need to find them yourself too, whichever works for you:

  1. Meet/talk to people who give you positive energy, keep in touch with those friends who make it worthwhile. When meeting them, dont tie yourself down to talking about work or gossiping about people-this isnt friendship, but time pass and insecurities.
  2. Take a walk outside if travelling by car everyday; a short ten minute walk outside,especially during the summer is a good way to soak in the vitamin D, and raise your positive hormones.
  3. Find an interest: I am a bookworm,  I ❣ reading, that at night is my time to zone out, away from stress, and enter a whole new world. (Right now I am reading the little coffe shop of Kabul-inspiring to find out about different cultures and the authors experience(true story)).
  4. Eat clean. Eating too much food with an unhealthy fat content and sugar carbohydrates makes you feel more lethargic, out of energy and can lead to depression studies have shown.
  5. Have a great morning: feel positive about the day and feel excited so that your mood enthuses the rest of the day and people around you.
  6. Write down three to four things that you are grateful for: for me its, loving and caring friends and family, I am able to walk, talk and eat now (was unable to before, treated for my illness with easy access to food and water (unlike the state of some developing countries), my lovely job and even for being able to eat my srumpyious porridge oats for breakfast.

As it is international happiness day, I wish you all find your little pockets of happiness somewhere. It is you who can make yourself happy 😊

Have a lovely day everyone! Read my blog on mindfulness for a relaxing day.

Mindfulness… 😊

I lead a very busy life, I teach, write and then do yoga in the late evening. I need a lot of energy and sleep so that I can carry out my daily activities. 

This is why I ensure I eat properly. Due to my asthma I get tired very easily and start to feel worn down hence I tale of my diet (now a plantbased diet). I eat lots of greens, plenty of coconut and almond milk ( I make my own fresh or buy alpro milk which is absolutely delicious). 

But sometimes my body feels it needs to stretch and unwind and my brain tells me to shut down and rewind and relax. 

I recently downloaded the app recommended by the #healthymagazine  called sworkit lite. This is an amazingggg app where you can do yoga, cardio, stretches and strength training (you can also mix and match and set a timer)and all you do is follow the exercises. I like to do yoga at home because I have my self to concentrate on and peace. 

I like yoga because it stretches all your muscles and by breathing in and out it stimulates your blood flow around the body ensuring oxygen reaches your brain. This gives your brain signals to relax and unwind and makes you feel amazing! 

I do this every evening, before I go to bed to allow me to relax and have a good nights sleep. 

Eating a plant based diet and doing yoga every evening has been a shocking recovery mechanism for my illness and put me into shape 

 and I hope everyone who is going through such a similar goal to try yoga out! It is simply relaxing. Also take a read of JK Rowling’s short speech on ‘Very good lives’ it is a good positive read ❣

Come back soon to read all about my overnight porridge oats 🙂 

Have a lovely evening 😊

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My breakfast morning


My breakfast ❣

I have severe asthma and my airways used to feel extremely itchy and inflamed. I recently changed my diet completely to a plant based diet. Without meat, I feel extremely low on energy and suffering from tiredness and fatigue.

But with time I have learnt what to include in my diet to ensure I have restored my body with sufficient nutrients.

Today for an example, I had homemade granola (lowers cholesterol and high in fibre) with alpro coconut milk (rich in calcium and B vitamins and low in fat). i sprinkled in some chia seeds all over (high in fibre, high in omega 3 and protein-these little things are packed full of goodness). I then placed a spoonful of almond butter (you can make your own or use the holland and barratt meridan smooth almond butter-this is high in protein and packed full of energy and flavour-nothing but pure nuts-no palm oil, sugar or salt-nothing but goodness).

Alongside I had a glass of water. My breakfast meal recharged me for this busy afternoon and feels positive to eat something clean that will not affect my inflammation issues.

I hope you all have a lovely positive day 🙂

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